About Us

Cuni, Rust & Strenk is wholly owned by Mike Rust, Hans Nienaber and Adriane Strenk.  One way to explain who we are is to explain what we are not.  We are not a profit center of a large publicly traded insurance company or benefits consulting firm.  We are a pure actuarial consulting firm with extensive pension and retiree medical plan experience.  Our strong background and relevant work experience makes us uniquely qualified to perform the actuarial services that you require.


Specializing in multiemployer and corporate pension and retiree medical plans allows us to utilize a streamlined approach towards actuarial consulting. We use the best, most modern actuarial software available on the market. We provide our clients with the services they request in a timely manner, without needless complexity, and we do not hide behind “actuary-speak” that no one understands.


Our vast experience working on pension, health and welfare, and retiree medical plans allows us to communicate well with our clients regarding the results of our actuarial valuations. We provide our clients with various measures regarding the healthiness of their Plans.   Our actuarial software allows us to present accurate projections based on actuarial assumptions that have been customized based on your Plan’s experience.  Since our actuarial software is so efficient, all this information is provided cost effectively and in a timely manner.

Delivering the actuarial valuations early in the Plan Year allows our clients access to the Plan’s actuarial information before it becomes dated.   It also provides additional time to make decisions regarding benefit changes.